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Large streetbank gives camden residents a treat this halloween option 2

Giving neighbours a treat this Halloween

Forget tricks, this Halloween was all about treats for Camden as we teamed up with GoodGym  and took to the streets to spread some community spirit to the borough’s residents.  Passers-by looked on with intrigue last night as a group of 13 runners sped through the streets of Camden delivering treats to households, including our very own Director of Marketing and Communications Kate.  

While some may have suspected that All Saints’ Day had come a little early, we were in fact promoting community generosity by deliveringStreetbank invitations through people’s front doors.

Streetbank already has a strong presence in Camden, where more and more people are using the site as a simple way to save money while being green and more neighbourly.  What’s more, Camden council are behind us and we’ve had a lot of local support, including local resident and leader of the Green Party Natalie Bennett:

’Streetbank isa great way for people to get to know their neighbours, to build communities street-by-street. Many in Camden are struggling to get by financially. Streetbank offers a real opportunity for people to avoid paying for things they only need for a short time.’

Last night’s run was organised in partnership with GoodGym Camden, a group of runners who get fit by doing physical tasks which benefit the local community.GoodGym now operates in five areas across the UK and their goal is to get people fit by doing good. We’ve become good friends in recent months as their values – to build stronger communities and happier neighbourhoods – are perfectly aligned to our own.

Shaun Dixon, GoodGym Co-ordinator for Camden, said: 

"It’s great to be working in partnership with Streetbank.  GoodGym is about getting fit whilst doing something positive for the community, and what better way to do that than encouraging neighbours to share things with one another through Streetbank.”

Our Director of Marketing and Communications Kate Groves is a local Camden resident and joins the Camden GoodGym runs most Wednesdays. Kate is heading up a local campaign, with the support of Camden Council’s Sustainability team, to get as many people as possible signed up to enjoy the benefits of Streetbank.

Pretty impressively, our number crunching last month showed that Streetbank members in Camden have £7,500 worth of things available to them at no cost and within a mile of their home thanks to the generosity of their Streetbank neighbours so well done Camden!

Want to know more? Check out the GoodGym website. Happy sharing everyone!