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Welcome to Streetbank!

Across the UK, people like you are creating a movement to share their things and skills with their neighbours. Together we are unlocking a new kind of wealth – a greener and friendlier kind. 

The result? Less waste, stronger communities and access to over £1 million worth of things and skills. 

As the cost of living continues to increase and a growing number of us struggle to pay the bills, it’s time to turn to our local communities to share tools, baby gear, tutoring, gardening skills and more on Streetbank, saving us money as we tap into the generosity of our local communities and find a way to give something back too.

Streetbank has become the UK’s largest website of its kind, with 25,789 things and 13,883 skills worth a total of just over £1m* listed to date. Our latest research shows that anyone joining Streetbank in London, for example, has access to an average £7,493 worth of things and skills, available at no cost and within a mile of their home. In Brighton, this figure rises to almost £7,700 and the project is also thriving in less densely populated areas – in Witney, Oxfordshire, for example, the average Streetbank member has over £1,500 available. These figures are growing all the time.

Maire Fordham, Streetbank member from Fulham, London:

“Without Streetbank, I would have hoarded all my baby gear as opposed to meeting someone great and giving it to a deserving home. I might not have met the amazing neighbour who gave knitting lessons to my child while we chatted, or met the neighbour who re-strung my daughter's guitar.”

To become part of Streetbank, all you need to do is sign up here and you’ll be able to see everything your neighbours are offering within a mile of your home. You’ll save money, get to know your community and help the environment all at the same time.  

* Estimated “as new” price for all things offered within a mile of Streetbank member (average value of a Streetbank thing offered is £33.75).


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on December 5 2013 John Robertson said:

Musing more… If users had a button to press to allow local advertising, that would save a need for opinions and decision. There are still more options: show any advertising that pays because publishers are lucky to get a few pence for anything? Or find ways to cut and paste code from agencies that specialise in local advertising, and then perhaps have a .pdf page of cut-out flyers that might be put through local letterboxes by any volunteer to promote those agencies? Or the same with an editorial policy, such as only allowing advertising by local employers and self-employed? In which case, how to enforce in a cheap friendly way? So many decisions, so little skill to help from me I’m afraid!

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on December 3 2013 John Robertson said:

Following-up my previous comment: is one site about local adverts is another with an emphasis on local blogs and newspapers.
The main skill is understanding how the system works, beyond cutting and pasting some code onto a web page, and that’s where I get out of my depth!

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on December 3 2013 John Robertson said:

I’ve signed-up and offered. By the way, there is a little used hyperlocal advertising service that tries to advertise to specific postcodes. It got a grant from Nesta for trying to encourage community blogs and papers. You’ll find it if you google. If something like that ever takes-off, I think it would be good to have local businesses listed and able to advertise on this site. Meanwhile the various automated trade directories might help some kind of integration so that my local shops can be searched from streetbank just as some of my neighbours can. Just an idea.

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on November 18 2013 Megan DirsaDuBois said:

Looks like I’m all alone in my neighborhood in the USA…but maybe it will catch on. Is there any way that I could request a Street Bank sticker or something to put on my car and advertise this?

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on October 30 2013 mani dhanda said:

A fantastic community resource. Thumbs up.

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on October 22 2013 Jean McIntosh said:

This looks really useful and sensible in these times of loneliness and hoarding! De-clutter your unwanted items to a useful home where they will be used and valued! I will search out and offer stuff soon when I have dug down through it all!

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on October 20 2013 Paul Stevens said:

Great idea. Everyone has stuff to share. Skills to teach or stuff that would have gone to the dump. I love teaching and will be putting on marketing workshops in my area. What about free webinars? I’m going to be holding some for my local business networking group. Maybe free webinars on building websites. Any interest? with webinars the neighbourhood is world wide

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on October 19 2013 Mark Casey said:

love this!! :)

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on October 10 2013 Gina Caro said:

Just found your site. What a fantastic idea :-)