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Streetbank LIVE

On Thursday 20th September from 7pm, Streetbank will be hosting Streetbank LIVE, a free swishing, sharing & socialising get-together at the Hop Poles in Hammersmith and we'd love to see you there.

All the information and registration for your free ticket is here:

What's happening?

Streetbank is launching the first ever Streetbank LIVE event - a heady mix of swishing, sharing, socialising and general fun.


What is swishing?

The act of getting together to swap good condition items to give them a new home, share resources within our communities and have fun!


What do I need to do?

Just bring one item (or more) to give away that you think would put a smile on someone's face (e.g. a book, cd, DVD, board game, sports equipment, gardening item) and you’re in! 

Remember, the item needs to be good quality - if you'd be happy to receive it, it's perfect to give away.


What does it cost?

It's free! Just bring along one item (more if you fancy) on the night and in you come.


What is Streetbank? is a website that enables people to lend, borrow, give away and share items and skills with their neighbours. It's free to sign up and takes less than 2 minutes to do so at


Who else will be there?

Members of H&F Council will be there to advise on any green issue you might want to know more about (and a perfect time to get you 'no junk mail' stickers while you're there). We're also delighted to have members from H&F Friends of the Earth, Project Maya, Urban Vitality and many more!



Cost: Zero of your fine pounds

Request: Bring a thing to share (and a pal or two if you please)

Arrive: From 7pm (don't be late - you'll miss all the fun)

Refreshments: There’s a bar where you can buy drinks and we're baking some goodies

And finally: why not shout about it loud and proud on your Facebook wall with - 'Join me at Streetbank LIVE on Thurs 20th Sept in W6 - check out for info!'


Over and out.


Photo Credit: cheerfulmonk