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Saving Money? Streetbank's the Answer

Streetbank recently took centre-stage in a Guardian article about how to save money and we were delighted with the number of new sign-ups we had as a result.

The article is focused on how students can save money - perfect timing for all those students heading off to uni over the next few weeks and needing to furnish their new places - although, as many of the positive comments below the article have pointed out, Streetbank is handy for anyone needing to watch their wallet. 

Indeed, it's not just money people are saving - by reducing our consumption, we're also saving resources, reducing the amount of waste food that ends up in landfill, cutting down on our carbon emissions and getting the opportunity to connect with our communities and have a good time.

Streetbank had over 900 new sign-ups in the 24 hours following the publication of the Guardian article and we're incredibly pleased to see that many of our new student members are offering everything from language lessons to help with UCAS applications to the loan of text books - great!

Remember that old cliche about 'no such thing as a free lunch'? Turns out it's not the case after all... 


Photo Credit: Community Friend