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Over Datum Eetclub

Newsletter 23.8.12: Every now and then we come across an idea that we think will appeal to Streetbankers. We’re pretty sure the Over Datum Eetclub is one.

The Over Datum Eetclub, or ‘Past Use-By Date Food Club’ if your Dutch isn’t too hot, is an inspired idea: get a group of people you know together for a meal at which all the food just happens to be past its use-by date. Diners then donate a small amount of money – what they might have paid for a restaurant meal, for example – to Giro55, a charity fighting food insecurity in Africa.

The upshot? A splendid meal in great company, delicious food saved from landfill and a worthy cause supported. Genius.

This is just one of the many brilliant projects featured in A Smart Guide to Utopia: 111 Inspiring Ideas for a Better City. And Streetbank gets a mention too. Thanks Utopia team – we’re delighted.