Streetbank News

Wherever you live, whatever you do...

For two special weeks, the 70,000 Olympics Games Makers have done the UK proud, championing community spirit with unrivalled enthusiasm and a glint in their eye to boot.

Undoubtedly, they have also inspired a new generation of individuals to pick up the baton of volunteerism and run with it. So, the wonders of Streetbank aside, we’re shining this week’s spotlight on the following community gems...

  • Project Dirt, brings people together to make environmental change happen
  • Good Gym, connects people who want to get fit with physical tasks that benefit their neighbourhoods
  • Join In, an Olympics legacy project hailed as the UK’s biggest celebration of local sport to date

On Tuesday, UK rowing champion Sir Steve Redgrave announced that over 350 community sports projects will benefit from Sport England’s Inspired Facilities Olympic Legacy fund:

“Wherever you live, you too can be part of it, whether that's making sport happen in your neighbourhood as a Sport Maker or getting out there and enjoying sport at decent local facilities.

And that's the point of volunteering – wherever you live and whatever you do, you too can be a part of it.