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The A-to-Z of Streetbank

The dominant presence of massive online retailers like Amazon can make us rather complacent about our power to obtain even the most obscure products at the click of a mouse. The seemingly infinite bounty offered by this online cornucopia offers an unprecedented opportunity to engage our most idiosyncratic passions, from Chinese opera to bee-keeping; pogo-ing to the novels of Jeffrey Archer.

But what are the consequences of this trend? Our hyper-consumerism not only leads to busier roads, bulging cupboards and annoyance with getting into the damned parcels. It stops us from considering the wealth of resources that exist in our own community: objects lying unused, skills underexploited and human kindness left untapped. You’d be surprised at what can be obtained within a few miles of your home from people you see every day.

Since we were founded in 2010, at Streetbank, we’ve been astounded at the range of objects and skills people are happy to lend, share or give away. To celebrate the richness and diversity of Streetbank’s assets, we therefore present to you the A-to-Z of Streetbank. Special thanks to whoever it is offering the Z-Bed…

  • Air mattress
  • Barbour Jacket
  • Child’s guitar
  • Dalek costume
  • Electric Strimmer
  • Food Processor
  • Glass dining table
  • HTML training
  • Inkjet printer cartridges
  • JVC television
  • Kettle
  • Loppers
  • Men’s wetsuit
  • Need a lift?
  • Oxford English Dictionary
  • Petrol Lawn-mower
  • Quiche dishes
  • Running partner
  • Snow boots
  • Tutu (pink)
  • Ukelele lessons
  • Vax Carpet Cleaner
  • Welsh translation service
  • X-Box
  • Yoga for Beginners
  • Z-bed