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Large question

Three quick questions

We are always thinking of how to improve Streetbank and we would really value your views on three things:

1/ In the weekly newsletter how do you think we should refer to a member of the streetbank community - streetbee, streetbanker, streetbank member or something totally different?

2/ We recently changed the weekly newsletter to show every new notices and things that has been added over the last two weeks so that everything gets two showings. Do you think that the weekly newsletters should show one week or two weeks of news?

3/ What one thing would you add to Streetbank to make it better?

Big thanks,

Sam (posted 18th February)



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في September 14 2011 Tanya قال:

1) Streetie is good
2) Whichever is easiest for you guys to produce and manage
3) A ‘Wanted’ tab would be good for people in need of things. Maybe live for a week or so then auto-delete the Wanted post?
Thanks and Cheers.

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في August 2 2011 Sam Nic, Tess, Alice & Rachel قال:

Hi Gemma,

Yes we are!

We have now settled on ‘Streetie’ as how Streetbank members can be referred to… it was a close contest but in the end Streetie was the winner.

Each newsletter will now be showing the last two weeks worth of items so that you get to see things twice.

We are really grateful for all the other ideas that Streeties have offered and we’re working hard on a ratings system, a ‘wish list’ feature and improving our link up with facebook.

Thanks for bearing with us, as it takes a little time to get these up and running… not least because our lovely web developer Nic and his wife have just had a beautiful baby girl!! Hurray!

We’ll keep you posted and thanks for keeping us on our toes.


Sam and the Streetbank team.

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في July 30 2011 Gemma قال:

Steetbank, are you reading any of our comments? You did ask for them :) xx

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في July 24 2011 Mallory Helen VIERTEL قال:

1/ I really like being a Streetie ! 2/ 2 weeks 3/ Events, ways of getting to know people in your immediate neighbourhood even if you do not need their services etc .

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في July 21 2011 Victoria قال:

If possible, it would be really good to make the free text field where you describe the things you are lending/giving away a bit deeper, like it displays after the item is added. It’s only one line deep right now , which makes it a bit tricky to put in a nice full description of the item, although I guess it also encourages brevity – if that’s what you were aiming for!

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في July 20 2011 Immanuel قال:


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في July 14 2011 Tone قال:

You ask: “streetbee, streetbanker, streetbank member”?

For my view, “streetbank member” is the only way to go.

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في June 23 2011 Nikki A قال:

would suggest a ‘search’ facility, eg. if looking for a gardener, etc.
would suggest adding a ‘crimewatch’ facility like Home Elephant – eg. you leave your flat and see someone suspicious, so you post on Streetbank (and hopefully, there will be an app at some point) so instantly the neighbourhood is instantly alerted.
Somehow get in local business to neighbourhoods – to advertise and pay for the site – recently it took me a month to find a dry cleaner in my area who also does alterations
great idea this site:)

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في June 14 2011 Valerie قال:

1. Streetfriend
2. Two weeks
3. A recommend function to suggest sharers to each other

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في May 27 2011 Michael Hopwood قال:

ALSO: * WARNINGS AND TIPS * to ensure safety when meeting someone for the first time! e.g. meet somewhere public, ask for more info, verify claims with someone independent, look at the profile, does it have a picture, other info… this is a site that could easily be abused.

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في May 27 2011 Michael Hopwood قال:

1 – Neighbour.
2 – 2 weeks.
3 – Ability to flag comments / notices as inappropriate.

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في May 26 2011 Judy B قال:

Streetie is easy to remember and sounds friendly; two weeks of news gives more time to assimilate; can’t think of any response to third question

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في May 25 2011 Anne قال:

Not sure why my comments are shown in strikethrough — tried twice! Perhaps moderater will edit them for me. Thanks!

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في May 25 2011 Anne قال:

In response to point 3 -to make streetbank better it would be nice if people could say what they wanted help with rather than just offer help to others. In this way it could act a bit like a time bank system where people swap skills e.g. I baby sit for you and you do some DIY for me. As it is, people are forced to offer skills for nothing and unless you have a lot of time on your hands you may not be so inclined. This would make a good addition to streetbank as the giving away stuff is already offered on freecycle and does not seem to work on streetbank - at least not in my area.

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في May 13 2011 Gemma قال:

Oh yeah another one for 3/ a feedback rating system, like they have on Amazon after a purchase where you have 3 questions to click yes or no and have to leave a comment. This would provide an incentive to be not just a good borrower/lender but a great one. This feed back should be for both borrower and lender. what do you think? xx

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في May 13 2011 Gemma قال:

1/ I like ‘streetbanker’. Linda suggested ‘Neighbour’ I like that too!!
2/ I don’t mind
3/ -Our home town next to our name would be nice :D
-Also a simple facebook ‘like’ button on this site for those who don’t want to link accounts
– I love Pete Kilbane’s idea for number 3!!!

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في April 27 2011 Sheelagh قال:

2 weeks to catch things would be nice. I say a no to the pin – we already know we’re all local and if I’m connecting to give or receive we can swop addresses then!
and just to add I love the feel of being in this community – how do you all feel about joining up on Mortlake Green for the Big Lunch?

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في April 5 2011 Sam Nic, Tess, Alice & Rachel قال:

We’ve been erring with Streetbee over the last couple of newsletters – we favoured it because bees are famous for being collaborative but if that sounds twee or is not obvious then streetie very soundly wins the vote!!

Sarah’s point about having a map to make things look a bit local is a brilliant idea. We’ve been thinking about doing this – just unattributed pins on a board – but we worry it could compromise people’s privacy. A bit big brother. We can do it in a way so that the pin is moved in a random direction a bit away from people’s homes to preserve privacy but even if people think their privacy is compromised it could put them off….. But may be we can explain this… What are your views?

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في March 31 2011 Jenna Condie قال:

I like streetie too, nice and simple. Streetbee sounds odd and makes no sense to me!

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في March 30 2011 Godfrey Chapples قال:

I like Streetie – simple and direct
2 weeks to let it be noticed.
Email alert for any message/contact

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في March 28 2011 PELLA قال:

hi 2 u all & just a quick comment on the subject of what 2 call Sreet bank members ……here are a few thoughts ……how about SB’s as am 1 myself & thought that it sounded ok …… or how about street Penny’s as we ALL donate 2 the bank with r gifts & when we do it IS & does save US Penny’s !! Extra Pennys are a Godsend when one needs them or thier help most are like gifts from Heaven ! what do other members think??
& 2 weeks is good
& just as a suggestion when an item is offered & then been taken & rather than remove it / leave it for months on the notice board then perhaps a gone /not here anymore sign to indicate it as unavailable when we open our mail would be displayed
(eg hard cheese, sad smilie etc ) could be used 2 indicate that it has been snapped up by a lucky SB member (lightbulb moment …..mayb a Croc wearing a SB nametag!!!)
& in that way we will ALL know we have missed out on the said item but it has now gone to a good home .

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في March 21 2011 Sarah قال:

Streetie best! Or Streeter. With the verb being to street.
Site needs something to make it feel more local – at moment just feels like other sites. any chance of links to maps so you can see where everyone is (within your 100 m category etc so as not to give out too much identifying info). our council’s site is great as when you log an issue like dog poo it gets flagged up on a map – makes it more real.

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في March 21 2011 Sarah قال:

Streetie best! Or Streeter. With the verb being to street.
Site needs something to make it feel more local – at moment just feels like other sites. any chance of links to maps so you can see where everyone is (within your 100 m category etc so as not to give out too much identifying info). our council’s site is great as when you log an issue like dog poo it gets flagged up on a map – makes it more real.

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في March 1 2011 Rosemary قال:

I like streetbanker. The site is called Streetbank so streetbanker makes sense and is easily heard and understood.

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في February 28 2011 Ann Galbraith قال:

1/ I like streetie,
2/ Two weeks sounds good.
3/ An email to alert us streeties/bees to a message.

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في February 25 2011 erika قال:

bankers sound posh,like “hallo banker” ha ha good try, wasps, beebers oh it is so simple and yet sooooo dificult, good luck S,R and N

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في February 24 2011 Sam Nic, Tess, Alice & Rachel قال:

Greetings – thanks for your comments and suggestions – really appreciated!

Responding to your feedback about each point:
1/ For us at Streetbank we are favouring Streetie or Streetbee but keen to get a few more views before we settle.
2/ Doesn’t seem to be eliciting strong views which is interesting. Relatively easy for us to experiment to see what happens. To be honest we are marginally in favour of returning to one week of news as it should encourage people to open their newsletters every week.
3/ If anyone messages you through Streetbank you will automatically get a duplicate message to your email. Please let us know if this is not happening – it really matters because we understand that Streetie/bees! aren’t checking Streetbank every few hours!! Pete K I really like your suggestion – it will take a fair amount of web development but I think it would be great to have make a request as part of the joining process!

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في February 22 2011 Linda قال:

Hi – how about ‘Streeter’ or ‘Neighbour’?
Yes, two weeks is good.
I agree with Abi – an email to let you know there’s a message waiting for you would be good.

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في February 22 2011 Rowan Smith قال:

just to add on to what pete said – skills as well is another (what i would consider major) thing that SB has over other sites – we have our own profiles, offering help, which should be promoted more!

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في February 19 2011 Pete Kilbane قال:


1 – how about ‘Streetie’
2 – no view either way.
3 – do not compete with freecycle. Streetbank’s unique selling point is that you can borrow and lend things. You can’t do that on freecycle. When you land on the site it should immediately direct you to a local ‘can anyone lend me’ page. This could be sent out in a local email (if the technology exists). Sorry to sound critical but I think that you have hit on a very exciting idea.

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في February 19 2011 Rowan Smith قال:

1.I think I prefer streetbee, streetbanker sounds too much like a loan shark! :P
2.not really sure as i’m a new member too!
3.email alerts would be great, but also – I live outside of town, about 4 miles outside, and can only see 1 person sharing, setting my radius to 10 miles enabled me to see an extra person – but that person is also outside of town..on the other side (7 miles away). People in town will have it set to 1 mile, as thats all it needs to be for them…but for us on the outsides it effectly skips town as people in Kendal are unlikely to ever set it higher than 1mile… I know i havent really offered a solution, but i just thought i would throw it out there!

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في February 18 2011 Abi Eynon قال:

1/ I like Streetbanker or streetbank member. 2/ Don’t mind. 3/ Don’t know if this already happens or not as I haven’t received a message yet (only joined this week) but is it possible to receive an email when you receive a message on streetbank, so you know if someone has requested something/responded to your request without checking streetbank. Some may not check here regularly and therefore not realise items have been requested by others.