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Streetbank just got bigger

A few weeks ago we said we would make a change that would enable you to widen your Streetbank Community. You can now do this  - just click on the "change your radius" link at the top of the page and you will be able to increase from 1 mile to 5 miles or even 10 miles. You will only be able to see other people who have also made this change so its possible, if you are the first in your area to do it, that it won't make any difference - at least not at first.... but give it a few weeks and as others cotton on you should see your community increasing at a much faster rate which means more skills and things. We would suggest you only do this if you are in an area where there are not many (less than 50 people) in your square mile or if you are feeling very sociable. We say this as we think community works best at the most local level!  

We're trialing the expansion this week so that you pioneering types can get on and try it and so long as all goes well and smoothly we will put this in next week's newsletter. (Posted by Sam on 5th January)


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on July 18 2011 sandra p said:

Maybe putting up a notice in our local newsagent and library would let people know about joining street bank

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on July 18 2011 sandra p said:

you cant get more people in your community if they dont know about street bank! and i thought the two mile radius was a good one, from Andrew Taylor

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on June 7 2011 Andrew Ampers Taylor said:

Suggestion which might interest London people.

It might be useful, but might not be worth it in the cost of time, to offer all your post code, and your post code and all adjoining postcodes.

Failing this, I would like to see a two mile radius.

Better still, I would like to add someone else’s postcode for the radius to start from.

For example I live at the very northern end of N3 and would choose an address right in the middle so I would get all of my community.

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on May 14 2011 Laura M. said:

I’m located in the United States and just signed up. Hoping to see more people from my area soon!

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on March 9 2011 Hannah said:

Sorry – I may be being a muppet – but where is this ‘increase your radius link’?! I can’t find it anywhere!

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on January 28 2011 Michelle Morgan said:

Excellent! I hav just increased my radius to 10, and increased from 2 people, to 3… maybe I was a little hopeful, as I live in Lymington, and people are slow to cotton on to anything that improves the community… Oh well… Thanks for the option :) Michelle

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on January 24 2011 Sara Nathan said:

I have extended to 5 miles and have leapt from 79 people to 121 – including the site owners – there must be very many in and around Shepherds Bush and Hammersmith who have opted to stay very local though.

How do you persuade people to add a little something to their profile? So mayn are literally just the name and the distance away and sharing some information surely wouldn’t hurt.

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on January 12 2011 Steve & Krysia said:

Great! We’ve just had notification of another user within 10 miles; let’s hope the momentum will gather pace.

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on January 6 2011 Sam Nic, Tess, Alice & Rachel said:

Hi Steve and Debs – it is likely that you are the first to increase your radius to 10 miles. There are probably others in your area but they haven’t made the change yet so you can’t see them. We’ve made it “mutual” because some people are keen to stay very local and others are already in very busy areas so don’t want to expand. We will publicise the ability to increase radius in next weeks newsletter. If you still don’t see a change after that then let us know! Sam from Streetbank

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on January 6 2011 Steve & Krysia said:

Hi – we’ve just increased to 10 miles and there are no additional people – this seems strange as we live in the capital of Wales – Cardiff. Is there a fault?