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Streetbank is expanding!

Over the next few weeks we're going to be doing something behind the scenes that will allow you to widen your Streetbank community to 10 miles if you want to. You will only be able to see other "10 milers" so those of you living in less busy areas can have a few more friends. Those of you living in the busiest areas will probably prefer to stick with your 1 mile area and will remain visible only to other "1 milers" but if you are feeling especially sociable you can see who else has clicked the 10 mile button. Anyway, you've been asking for something like this and we think we've finally worked out how it can be done! And done in a way that continues to encourage community at the most local level at the same time as making Streetbank work in less busy areas. Let us know if you have any comments. We'll keep you posted.

(Posted by Sam on 23rd November)


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on January 21 2011 Georgia Stewart said:

This website’s excellent and I’m glad you’ve expanded to 10 miles because I live in a tiny village but have managed to find someone within that radius. I’m spreading the word to my neighbours.

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on January 16 2011 Lynne said:

Hello everybody. love the idea of this site but yes very, very quiet and I don’t live in a rural site but in the Borough of Greater London!! Just one person near me in the 10 mile radius. Maybe a bit more advertising?? I will continue to put the word out. Have put on Facebook. Good luck with the web site.

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on January 7 2011 Sam Nic, Tess, Alice & Rachel said:

Thanks Linda – that is a helpful suggestion – I’ve just added dates on all our most recent blogs!

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on January 6 2011 Linda said:

I’ve just joined today, and find I am the only one in my rural area too (just read comments below). I have immediately changed to 5 mile radius, but still no-one showing up. Early days, I guess! Could I make a suggestion? Could the streetbank people put dates on their comments. I read the ‘Streetbank is expanding!’ but, being new to the site, don’t know when this was posted. It’s in force now, so obviously it was some while back, but it might be helpful to know whether other comments are relevant or out of date. Thanks

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on December 21 2010 Sara Nathan said:

What is critical mass in streetbank terms?
I have 79 people within a mile but it still feels jolly quiet.


on December 20 2010 Geoff said:

I clicked on PROFILE , scroll down to change radius. click it and change radius,but it didn’t work, maybe not set up yet. it still tells me I am the only one within 1 mile even tho I clicked 10 mile radius.


on December 15 2010 Boo said:

Has this been done yet? I can’t see where to change to “10 miles” and as no one else is on streetbank near me, I need this option! :)

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on December 11 2010 Steve & Krysia said:

Ditto to all the comments below; count us in!

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on December 1 2010 S R DHAIN said:

id say even offering an option to spread further – ie the city or county limits or even region – would be handy, as it seems thousands are either not aware or perhaps too shy or similar, in terms of not knowing what theyre getting into.

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on November 26 2010 Sara Nathan said:

I think doing it by nearest 100 or 200 members might be best too – but wouldhappily settle for 10 miles

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on November 25 2010 Nicky said:

10 miles or maybe even more would be great as I’m the only person showing up in my very rural area!

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on November 24 2010 john w said:

I think this is a good start It would be good if it could be done in zones with numbers of members so nearest 20 members nearest 40 etc. just a thought


on November 24 2010 shirley fowler said:

Me too, I live in a rural area and the only person showing up, so thanks for this!

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on November 24 2010 Marisa ~Your own local Travel Counsellor said:

Perfect, I am the only one in my 1 mile zone so far! But then being rural, there are not many within that 1 mile! 10 miles if a perfect distance! Now I’ll have my nearest small town!
Well done and I look forward to new neighbours!

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on November 24 2010 Elisabeth said:

1 mile to 10 miles is a great idea!

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on November 23 2010 Sara Nathan said:

That will be fun – and will help us outliers