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30 Seconds

We would love 30 seconds of your time – it will make a big difference. We would love it if you could connect your Facebook account with your Streetbank account by clicking here. It means that  whenever you add an item to Streetbank it will automatically get posted on your Facebook Wall. This will really help us get word out about Streetbank and the more people know about Streetbank, the bigger and more vibrant Streetbank will become and the more things and skills you and your fellow Streetbankers will enjoy.


Sam, Ryan, Nic and Cath



on January 13 2011 J Katimertzis said:

I’m really cheerful, I have made my 1st contact with a streetband member – therea are some lovely people out there


on December 1 2010 Miles Campbell said:

How cool is streetbank!


on November 20 2010 J Katimertzis said:


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on November 18 2010 Sara Nathan said:

Possibly more important than things to swap…it doesn’t appear in the streetbank group either but maybe that’s more complicated

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on November 17 2010 Sam Nic, Tess, Alice & Rachel said:

Hi Sara – thanks for doing all of that – new items will appear on your wall on facebook but not community notices. We hadn’t thought of that…. maybe that is something we should do. We’ll have a think and may make it happen.
Sam (from Streetbank)

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on November 16 2010 Sara Nathan said:

So I did the hoining stuff and then posted a community notice today – Acton open meeting on November 24th at 7.30 in St Mary’s church hall – hear form our newish Mp and have a free buffet – that sort of thing. But it hasn’t come up on facebook that I can see. Why is that?


on November 15 2010 ellie deakin said:

what a canny little thing!