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The Street Party Vibe

How many street parties have you been to? Until recently my experience on that score was about 1. I was six, it was Charles and Diana’s wedding - if that helps to place me! It was very hot and thus the cheese on cocktail sticks was very smelly. That’s about all I remember. But over the last few years I’ve been getting back into the street part vibe. It started with well-meaning Christmas drinks for our neighbours. We’ve had to suffer the slow shame of only a few people turning up the first time round. But we’ve also learnt a few lessons along the way – like agree a time face to face with your neighbours and make sure that a core of people can make it. And don’t overdo it on the mulled wine otherwise you’ll be drinking it all year. When we moved cities this year we quickly organised an Open House for our new neighbours to check us out. And in the summer our street has its own street party – a proper one! I’m convinced this is the way forward (or should that be the way back?). And I’m sure that Streetbank can be a big part of it. For my part, I help to run something called Breathe, a Christian network for simpler living. Our latest offering is four videos for friends to discuss, all about how we could live differently (www.conspiracyoffreedom.org). Maybe you’d like to watch and discuss one of the videos? Or maybe your challenge is to get your own street party going? Whatever it is, I hope you find the courage and the time to have a go. Street banks, street parties - love your neighbour 21st century style! Mark Powley


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في December 15 2010 Cheryl قال:

We had a World Cup Street party with road closure and strangers becoming friends. The children had a great time – from babe in arms to teenage. The sun shone and it all fitted in before the 8pm kick-off. Looking forward to doing more next year.

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في December 2 2010 Debbie Falcon قال:

This sounds so good. We recently moved on to our estate and havent yet got to know the neighboars, Christmas could be that opportunity!

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في November 11 2010 Michelle Morgan قال:

I am hoping to plan Lymington’s first (a small southern coastal community’s) Big lunch, and hoping that it will be a success,due to the nature of my locality, i will be holding my event in a nearby playing feild, and hosting lots of arts & crafts and games alongside.

Although i am the only member in my little community, i am hoping that we will grow in order to develop neighbourlyness, something well and truly dying even in my small town. Michelle

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في November 9 2010 sally قال:

We have an annual Street Party and it is fantastic. Great way to meet the neighbours. You can check out pictures and videos of our past parties at www.ferrerstriangle.co.uk


في October 29 2010 Kirsty R قال:

We had a really lovely ‘Big Lunch’ party this summer too. It was originally supposed to be a street party, but the city council were being a pain so we held it in our local park. Anyway, it was fab and we’re planning to do it again this year. Lots of work though. Check out www.thebiglunch.com. Its being held on Sunday 5th June next year.

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في October 20 2010 Sara Nathan قال:

My first was for the Queen’s silver jubilee in 1977 in Cambridge though I don’t recall mush about it. Churchfield road Acton had a couple of street parties on car – free days about a decade ago that were great fun. Would have loved to try the Big Lunch this summer but had compulsory commitment at husband’s school so didn’t. Don’t they take quite a lot of organising?

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في October 20 2010 I Adley قال:

Coronation day, I was trussed up in a paper costume and mum took my glasses off for the photo so I could not see a thing, a neighbour (drunk) got into the back of the tent and pinched all the lemonade and sweet stuff for us kids so most of us were sick,the judge for the fancy dress picked her grand daughter and no one spoke to her for years, my friends mum made her wear a Christmas cracker costume she shuffled round in a box that looked like a coffin unable to move her arms, I still have the photo of a lot of kids who looked and felt daft.

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في October 20 2010 Kath قال:

Ellerton and Bond Road had a Big Lunch street party in July this year. It was a big hit with everyone and we hope to do it again next July. The children had their faces painted and had the freedom of closed roads to have fun and games. A jazz band and a big raffle with over £1000 worth of donated prizes added to the day.Go on to The Eden Project website for more information and lets all have a party next July. Kath

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في October 20 2010 Pete & Mark قال:

We had our first street party this year…well more of a party on the green. Always looked out of our window at the small green opposite the house and just thought that it was underutilised. Not any more, the first Sussex Drive street party happened in 2010 and all the neighbours are looking forward to 2011. Not only that but it also prompted discussions on setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme and also discussions on the ‘NO BALL GAMES’ sign to be removed. There is much more of a community spirit amongst our neighbours and it’s a strong ‘hello’ and not just a nod when passing!