Our Mission

What gets us out of bed? What is the change we want to see in the world? 

We have two big goals that make us spring out of our pyjamas, wolf some porridge and head down to the office.  

1. To enjoy our things more. 

At Streetbank we think things are good – they do things or they look pretty and they can make us happy. But the research says that if there is a “happiness hit” it is short-lived – and even shorter if it’s not really used. Too often, a few months after our little shopping spree, we are left with something that sits unused, filling up our homes and even, arguably, taking up space in our hearts.

Streetbank allows us to put those things to a new creative use. That helps us  - it feels good to see our things put to good use and to help someone out – but it also helps our neighbours save money, is good for the environment and can help make a happier community. Which neatly brings us on to goal number two. 

2. To enjoy our neighbours more.

It’s easy to think of our neighbours as noisy, nosey or a nuisance. It’s especially easy if we don’t know them. However, sharing things with our neighbours gives us an excuse to meet them. Streetbank seems to attract good people. And, what is more, if we have helped them out, we might just find they are more inclined to help us out when the chips are down.