Justfortheloveofit is joining forces with Streetbank.

Streetbank is very like Justfortheloveofit. It lets you share things and skills with your neighbours and join in with community discussions.

If you'd like to move your Justfortheloveofit account over to Streetbank, just enter your email address below and we'll pull your details across.

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Why is this happening?

Justfortheloveofit.org has grown very large very quickly, in fact there are over 50,000 of you! You may have noticed that the old site has been creaking a little under the strain. Mark has been looking around for another site to carry on the good work, and decided that Streetbank was the best fit.

Is Mark still involved?

Yes, Mark is now part of the Streetbank leadership team.

Tell me more about Streetbank

Streetbank and Justfortheloveofit are very similar, with similar aims, and ideals. Streetbank is a not-for-profit community interest company based in the UK. You can add tools, other items and skills to share with your neighbours. You can give things away you no longer need, or pick things up that have been offered. You can post notices which your neighbours can read and comment on.

Can I still use the old site?

You can still reach the old site for a limited time from here if you need to read it or find some information.