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The more neighbours there are on Streetbank, the more useful and community building it becomes. But how? The best way is through word of mouth, so we've got everything you need right here to help you shout about it. If you need anything else, or you'd like us to post you some bits and bobs to help you, just email sam@streetbank.com and he'll do his best to help you.

Email your friends

Use this text to email your friends in no time at all.

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Do an invite drop

Personalise and print our handy, ready-made invitations and drop them through as many neighbour's letterboxes as you can.

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Local media

Personalise our template media release and send it to your local paper or radio station.

Just contact Sam ( sam@streetbank.com ) to get media advice.

Contact Sam

Streetbank poster

Get it stuck up in your window, on a lamppost, at school, at work, in busy local shops, etc...

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Streetbank images

We've got plenty of images for you to use to promote Streetbank, including our 'Streetbank in a nutshell' graphic to help you explain what it's all about

Streetbank Image Gallery

Tell us your story

If Streetbank has helped you get hold of something you really needed or get shot of something you didn't, or if it has helped you meet new people, get help with something or just to feel good, please tell us about your experience.

It's these stories that bring a smile to our faces and help us to grow Streetbank right across the world.

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