Frequently Asked Questions

So what's all this then?

Streetbank is a site that helps you share and borrow things from your neighbours. Streetbank is meant for everyone. It is not for private benefit - for individuals to make a profit or professionals to sell their services. It is for the common good. Of course, you may already share things with your neighbours, in which case, don’t let us stop you!

But why would I want to do that?

Well since you ask, communities that help each other are closer, nicer, and friendlier to live in. Streetbank can help make your neighbourhood a nicer place.

How do I start?

Sign up with your name and postcode (or address if you live outside of the UK), add one item, skill or recommendation and see all the items within one mile radius of your home. It’s all completely free and you can cancel your account at any time if you don't like it.

In fact, it’s so great we suggest you click this button:

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Help, there's no one in my area

Congratulations! That means you’re a founder member and have won a badge! Streetbank is still quite new but it's growing quickly. If you take a chance and be the first other people will soon follow.  The good new is we've prepared lots of handy resources to help you spread the word too.  

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Do I have to add something?

Yes you do. The price of membership is that you must contribute at least one thing. It doesn’t have to be special, a book, DVD or piece of gardening equipment is likely to be valuable to someone somewhere.

What can I add?

Just about anything that can be lent, given away or anything that you think you could help a neighbour out by doing.  

In the past people have added books and DVDs, CDs and gardening equipment, old sofas, chairs, tables and filing cabinets to give away, computer games, back issues of magaines, french lesons and language tuition, computer help, bicycle repair....we could go on and on.  

Of course you don’t have to stick to these ideas and we would encourage you to be creative, in fact we quite like wacky!

Can I make requests?

Yes you can. If you have an event to organise, or just need some help moving a piano Streetbank is for you.  If you're in need of something specific like packing boxes to move house or a tent for a camping holiday, just ask - the chances are someone locally can help you.  

Tell me again, what's in it for me?

People are happier when they are are connected to each other. As we’ve grown richer we’ve become more and more disconnected until now most of us don’t know our next door neighbours. Helping someone out is a great way to make friends and build community spirit.

So tell me, why did you start Streetbank?

The aim is to get people involved in their community, to encouarge altruism, a generosity of spirit and volunteerism. It is to help local needs to be met by local solutions, reducing poverty by building community.

It makes sense environmentally. It helps people to reuse things, and for things that are under-used to be used more, and that all helps to reduce consumption.

It also makes sense economically. If there are 100 houses on your road and each of them uses a ladder maybe once a year to clean the guttering, they probably don’t all need their own ladder. One ladder shared between everyone should be enough.

Can you be more concrete?

Yes. You also get access to a huge range of things which people in your neighbourhood are lending or giving away, and you can accept offers of help which people have made. For example, if you add a DVD you may gain access to a whole DVD library.

Like it used to be?

Yes, in the olden days.

So why do I need Streetbank?

By joining Streetbank you are saying to your neighbours, I’m interested in my community and I’m happy to lend a few of my things and help out in a few small ways. Knocking on a strangers' door is quite a bold thing to do. Streetbank reduces the barrier.

Will I get tons of email?

No, you can choose exactly how much email you get in the email settings page. We’ll send you a weekly newsletter with everything that’s new in your area and you can turn on other types of email too if you want to. You can turn off all email, and even leave Streetbank if you like with a single click (though we hope you won't)

How much does it cost?

It’s free.

How do you make money then?

We don't. At least we're not going to make money in the sense of getting rich as we are a charity (charity no. 1159505). If you mean how are you making Streetbank sustainable the answer is through donations - from the generosity of our members. 

So this is all done out of a desire to make the world a slightly nicer place to live in?

Yes, exactly. We hope you enjoy it!

This short video explains our philosophy.



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