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A Big Change for Streetbank

Over the last couple of months the team here at Streetbank HQ have been working on a BIG CHANGE to Streetbank.

We’ve been asking what might help you be even more generous? How can we make sharing more fun, more addictive and so help neighbourhoods become more generous, more happy, more, well, neighbourly…  

Some of the feedback we’ve had is that Streetbank doesn’t recognise people who’ve been doing great things – so we’ve given points – small numbers of points for being reliable – and bigger numbers of points for generosity.

And then we’ve totted them up.  You’ll be able to see the top five champions in your neighbourhood – and where you are coming too.

To see how you are faring in your neighbourhood click here and if you’d like to increase your points offer a few things, respond to your neighbours quickly or add a photo.

We''d value your thoughts on the change, how we've done it and how we can improve it

Many thanks,

Sam and the Streetbank Team


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en October 10 2020 Maria Smith dijo:

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en January 26 2019 Tim Swift dijo:

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en February 1 2018 Lawrence Pettener dijo:

I agree — not a fan of points, instinctively and for all these reasons. Good to acknowledge people though, for their actions.

142270 thumb charicater

en November 1 2017 Michael Pentelow dijo:

have any of you guys heard of
i’m an ex-streetlifer and came across inyourarea a few weeks ago and im actually really liking it.
wanted to know if anyone has tried it

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en October 5 2017 Joya delfin dijo:

Your blog is really interesting and inspiration to many. I’ll be looking forward for more of your posts. Keep it up! Thanks for share..

140145 thumb loughton

en September 21 2017 Bela Yorke dijo:

Dear All, I am hoping that SB (StreetBank) will turn out to be like SL (StreeLife) was and facilitate neighbours to help each other with unwanted/wanted goods and with experiences (trade men etc.). As I am an Linux Ubuntu 16.04 user I am looking for other similar users for mutual help.
Looking forward to hearing from you ,

138652 thumb house 20martin

en June 1 2017 Martin dijo:

As an ex-Streetlifer, today I joined Streetbank. I am just trying to find my way around the Website and I am surprised by the points system. Altruism for points? Is this not a contradiction? I commend the general ethos but I quit education when the system began to treat young adults like children. [Insert ‘The Clash’ quote here?]
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en April 1 2017 Barbara Robson dijo:

I too have just come back to have a look at Streetbank after the demise of Srettlife, and not liking Nextdoor. I HATE the idea of the points system. Anyone know where all the folk from Streetlife have gone?

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en March 26 2017 Min C dijo:

For any ex-Streetlifers or even non-streetlifers that would like more community networking and finding out what is going on locally, recommendations etc. try KAHUTI.COM. It is a new site still developing and no members yet in my area of Portslade but if more join and promote it then it will surely grow. They respect privacy unlike Nextdoor. This streetbank site has a different focus of lending and skill share so it can be complementary, they are doing different things.

134873 thumb asclepias

en March 19 2017 Elizabeth Nuckowska dijo:

For any ex Streetlifers who want to have more of a community/ social forum, many of us have joined It’s very early days but already lots of conversations, you control privacy, area etc. Personally I believe it has a lot more potential than Streetlife had.

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en March 11 2017 Maria Metko dijo:

All these comments in here remind me of a homeowners association. I can’t stand the snobbery. That’s why I live rural. Too many don’t know how to treat other people. Therefore, they’ve never understood the word ‘neighbor.’ A neighbor isn’t someone that crowds your space and calls it a home. A neighbor is someone who knows how to act like a person thereby treating others the way they should treat themselves vice versa.

135579 thumb img 0686

en February 26 2017 Lisa Ellis dijo:

I am really missing Streetlife and I was hoping Streetbank would offer much of the same but it’s all about lending and giving which is ok but there is nowhere to discuss local issues..

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en February 24 2017 Steph dijo:

I agree wholeheartedly with Blue! I found Streetlife really useful in so many of the ways highlighted by Blue, but I left when Nextdoor took over as I didn’t like my name and address being available to everyone. If Streetbank could widen their scope as Blue suggested, then I think it would grow and become a very useful and much used site. Not everyone has things to give away, or, indeed, needs to ask for free items. But there are many other ways in which this site could be useful to a wider audience.

I don’t like the points idea, either. Most people who join a site like this are happy to give things they no longer need to others who do need them. Accumulating points isn’t what the giving is all about.

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en February 19 2017 Blue dijo:

Agree with John T 14th February. I not happy with Nextdoor’s requirements and their terms and conditions. There is obviously an ulterior motive for wanting personal details of members and disclosing those details to all and sundry. Hope that Streetbank will emulate some of the benefits that Streetlife offered, i.e. general noticeboard for the wider community, seeking and giving recommendations on local tradesmen, businesses, clubs, volunteer groups etc. Lost cats, state of the roads, moans and groans about the local council. There is more to being a good neighbour than just giving away things you no longer have a need for.

3879 thumb tulips

en February 14 2017 Jacqueline dijo:

like some others i have just come back to look again at Streetbank which i joined pretty much at the same time at Streetlife. Very little happened here locally for me whereas Streetlife was great – not enjoying Nextdoor at the moment and wondering what else is out there – HOWEVER for me the points systems is an extremely unattractive addition!

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en February 14 2017 Jenn Hayden dijo:

I’m not interested in points or reaching goals or prizes .. All I want to do is share help my neighbours where I can . Never letting the right hand know what left hand does .. We are not kids .. We are people who care about our community and the people who live in it slowly making a big difference … There fore Streetbank please treat us like adults ,respect our privacy and our commitment to help the community share , mend and live life to the full with out filling out emails , boxes , score charts … Give us fair warning if your going to be bought out by capitalist money making machine … Do not like Streetlife let the members read about the take over in the news , because we then just deactivate our accounts … … We still continue to do our work without help of computers or your notice boards …

135034 thumb jt 20sketch 20photo

en February 14 2017 John T dijo:

To me, the points system is immaterial.

I – and quite a number of others – have joined StreetBank following the imminent demise of Streetlife (being absorbed by the much less friendly, commercial and unlistening ‘Nextdoor’). What we miss there is the community involvement – which was much wider than just giving/lending and receiving/borrowing.

StreetBank may wish to think more on those lines?

23539 thumb 20191207 171806

en February 11 2017 Jo dijo:

I’m not keen on points. I’ve been a member of streetbank since 2012 I’ve done a bit of baking with my neighbours children…but not through streetbank. I’ve been absent from streetbank for a number of years & as I’ve been very active on streetlife – a bit like streetbank but with other benefits of acting like a community noticeboard … you asked for help or advice & other users would answer, a great resource.

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en January 26 2017 Bano Younus dijo:

Just share! No need to compete for points!

133467 thumb img 0254

en January 6 2017 Matt Marsan dijo:

What if the points were accumulated by giving needs and skill sets, and were used for purchasing the needs and skill sets of others, similar to how Timebanks work, or as if it were a currency? Thank you for this ingenious website

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en December 29 2016 Karen Hunt dijo:

I don’t like the idea of point scoring – I joined streetbank to be helpful to others and maybe find a few bits that I could use. TBH if you don’t have that much to offer apart from skills – although I have tried to offer mine only to be expected to do the work and not help others to improve theirs which is what I was aiming for. Also I have noticed things still on offer that was posted at least 2 years ago.

2008 thumb 20140102 110719

en December 23 2016 Em Rogerson dijo:

I’ve only just seen these comments. I joined because I want to be able to give things that we don’t need to people who can make use of them. The points thing wouldn’t make me do that more I don’t think… but I’m also not against it. I think Streetbank and the similar things that have sprung up are brilliant. Thank you.

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en November 8 2016 Finola Burke dijo:

I was an early member of streetbank in my area having come across it quite by accident. I was active for a little while and lent some items but came across another fledgling local network which did as streetbank and more, and it seemed to have expanded more. I had told many people about streetbank and its aims and a number of them joined but then moved on again. I have not been on site for 2 years but have come back to see progress. I like the site and agree with its laudable aims but for what it is worth I dont like the points system and rating people as champions. I do not join local groups to compete to be seen as a better contributor. I did not tend to post offers but was certainly happy to respond to requests where I could but activity seems to be quite low still. Or am I not seeing the true situation?

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en October 28 2016 john stephens dijo:

It’s called fun,as for competition being violence(Maria Berry)get a life.This is Not a political page.Great site👻

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en September 6 2016 Shirley Kirk dijo:

Ridiculous. On the level of a star chart for cleaning your teeth and making your bed. Not for grown ups.

125219 thumb stocks and broad beans

en June 3 2016 Catherine Williams dijo:

I joined yesterday and cannot find a way to share information by means of uploading files. Can this be done? If not, it would be a really useful facility. Thank you

30841 thumb zoe's haircut %285%29small

en May 25 2016 Zoe Williams dijo:

I’m surprised by all the negative comments. I presume this new setup was in the spirit of motivation and ‘gamification’ rather than an aggressive competitiveness. There does seem to be more activity in my community, although I don’t know whether this is part of a general trend or a response to the points system. I imagine Streetbank HQ will have more idea of the impact across different communities.

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en May 21 2016 Clementine Maizieres dijo:

I’m sure it stems from the best intentions but I feel the whole idea swerves toward a Facebook “like” spirit and I don’t think that’s what we are about here on Streetbank. We should be or become more generous because we grow into a different life ethic, not because we want to score. For me at least, what is so appealing about SB is Mark’s book and experiences and the fact that we abide here by a different set of values. If we lose that level of implicit trust and the real will to escape the common system, we lose the whole point of it.

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en May 10 2016 Lesley White dijo:

Far better to have a non competitive badge system, e.g. 5 items loaned, 10 items loaned, 20 products listed. You’re still acknowledging the good but in a more collaborative way which, surely, is a better fit for Streetbank. At the moment the points work off the number of items listed which poorer people with less to lend out will never ‘win’.

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en May 8 2016 Jayne Instone dijo:

I’ve just found out that I was ranked number 5 in my previous area. Really? Despite offering things I’ve exchanged nothing at all. I did receive one item. That area was pretty dormant and I don’t want to be recognised for nothing (nor do I ant to be recognised for giving….it’s not in the spirit of this site).
I’ve just changed areas ….if it too is dormant then I’m off!

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en May 7 2016 Simone Stern dijo:

I like the idea of skill swap.. how can we implement that to help one another?

75041 thumb image

en May 2 2016 Mary Murphy dijo:

I’ve just come back to check streetbank after a good while away. I love the concept of streetbank (although it’s a bit dormant so far in my neighbourhood) but a Champions list is not helpful at all – please rethink this …
I find that I’m at the top of my list but have done nothing to merit it. I’ve been inactive since joining due to unforeseen commitments, so have really not contributed yet – this surely points out that this is a daft idea.
I’ll feel more like posting new stuff once this competitive idea is withdrawn …
Mary Murphy

36415 thumb 1 p1030727

en April 18 2016 Goshen Watts dijo:

Yes, it’s about recognition folks, but also about being more active. I agree that less focus should be on ranking, but this one change WILL help people to contribute more. A tiny bit of competition is often very healthy, especially in this environment… it’s not all evil and bad.

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en April 15 2016 JC LEGAZA dijo:

Fully agree. Counting points is … pointless

55311 thumb img 1554 001

en April 2 2016 Ashley Cawley dijo:

I think the point scoring system was a good idea, if anything just to encourage people back, I know it got me to list a couple of items, not really because I wanted to get to the to of my neighbourhood but just because the email was a nice reminder and nice to checkout a new feature.

@Maria Competition is a fact of life in either natural of man-made environments so you should learn to accept and deal with it. It’s hardly violence in this environment is it?

Suggestion: You might want to add Stationary/Office Supplies to your list of categories, I’ve just added two items on offer which could have done with going in such a category. All the best and keep up the great work!

54697 thumb image

en April 2 2016 naomi • dijo:

Have read a few comments now and GLAD to see the general ethos is about non point scoring people. As has already been said we are not achievement lapping dogs that yearn to be fed by the hand of ooh arnt you a good human!! Don’t do it Streetbank or if you want to lose your soul/way completely yeah start s points scoring system. This is not nimber or so either like site where you are paying people so is useful to see if they are reliable. Streetbank is a completely different & separate thing & ought remain so. Points scoring is not the ethic to which it was set up. I have been a member since earliest just4thrloveofit days! Which is what Streetbank grew out of.

54697 thumb image

en April 2 2016 naomi • dijo:

Hi, 1st I hope somebody from Streetbank personal is reading this as its a suggestion really as opposed to a comment, but I couldn’t find an appropriate place to place it so am writing hear. What I want to see on Streetbank is a tab that sends the messages to all members that you item is taken & or task completed as it is tedious having to send out individual emails when the item is still being asked for a month after its departure! Which is the current situation. About the changes, I am not interested in rating or rating people as a means of validation – if it is useful interms of ‘these people are reliable’ that is worthwhile to me.

New missing

en April 2 2016 Maria BERRY dijo:

Competition is violence, (violence is not merely killing), and separates us from one another. I hope Street Bank will reconsider its new tactic. Thank you.

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en April 1 2016 Joseph Keenaghan dijo:

Some ideas suggestions
Skill swap
Food share /swap
Book trade swap
An app?
You should look at what lets communities have done
That would be a good project to emulate
I agree it’s not a tournament or sports league
There’s no need for ‘champions’
Maybe if it involved sports or something but for something like this
Should be about cooperation not made into a competition
Anyway I hope this improves, it’s a good concept
Maybe looking to how other projects like this develop such as lets communities and skill swaps etc
Also a larger radius would help too, I’m sure I have neighbours a bit further away on this
Anyway looking forward to improvements and a site/network/community that’s good to use
Also could work with transition towns a s well
Anyway thanks for creating this and good luck on the improvements


en April 1 2016 James Morley dijo:

By the way, if you try to add a comment when not logged in you get taken to a login page, but when you login it then gives you and error page and you lose your comment!


en April 1 2016 James Morley dijo:

I can see both sides of the argument here – one very idealistic (and I don’t mean that negatively) and one very practical, tapping into the root instincts of us humans (yes, you might call it egotistical!)

More fundamentally though, whilst I am a massive fan of the concept of StreetBank I confess I have rarely used it – we have a very vibrant local Facebook group which is my first port of call for lending or borrowing anything. So my thought is, is there a way that you can integrate the concept of Steetbank into the more active community of Facebook?

27089 thumb bigbury 001

en April 1 2016 Brian Dance dijo:

You have published real names for champions. For internet security reasons, surely username only should be published. IMHO, this needs urgent attention

33510 thumb india 20109

en April 1 2016 Caroline Jones dijo:

I agree with what Will and sooz have said so eloquently, a point system is not a good move.

58493 thumb photo on 2012 02 03 at 18.04

en April 1 2016 Will Bride dijo:

I think such a points system fosters an egotism that is contrary to the spirit of giving and non-attachment that could see Streetbank truly thrive. I think being ‘rewarded’ and ranked or of conferring praise in this way is just the type of capitalist value system that has got us all into this predicament of too much stuff. It can’t be a gracious, noble act to give someone your old couch when you get a new one or no longer need it for whatever reason. The taker of the couch could be seen as the noble, gracious one for foregoing the purchase of a new couch and facilitating the net gain of one couch that doesn’t go to landfill.

41865 thumb me

en April 1 2016 Wouter Kirstein dijo:

I would like the idea of incorporating veggie or food clubs in the gorilla fashion of I think that is the one thing that matters

New missing

en April 1 2016 sooz boullin dijo:

I’m sorry I love streetbank but hate the idea of giving points and ranking people! It makes me want to leave! It doesn’t mean that people are not generous, or perhaps doing great things in the neighbourhood if they don’t have much to give, they may be in a place in their lives when they’re struggling, poor, in poor health, new to the country, etc any number of things…ranking people in this way seems awful to me…please reconsider! I don’t think people should be made to feel bad/less good or deserving etc if they’re in need…and for those who can give…well, that should be reward enough in itself. What do others think? Can we have a vote? Other than this I like streetbank, tho I doubt I have many points(if any!)I’m actually very active in my neighbourhood, but I don’t want or need points or thanks/recognition…it’s just about being a decent human being to me! That’s all folks, ;)