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The Streetbank challenge: 7 things, 7 days

Global Sharing Week is the world's largest people-driven campaign to raise awareness of the rapidly growing Sharing Economy. It’s an opportunity for organisations like ours and lovely people like you, to shout about what we’re doing to be more resourceful - and all the weird and wonderful things that we’re sharing!

To celebrate and join in, Streetbank is inviting you to offer something to lend or give away to your neighbours each day during Global Sharing Week:

7th – 13th June 2015

In the run up to Christmas last year, our very own Marketing Director Kate gave something away to her neighbours every day for the 24 days of advent.   That makes seven sound like a doddle!

All you have to do, is find seven things you don’t want or need knocking about the house, upload them each day and email us so we know you’re taking part.  Or you could add something you’d be happy to lend or willing to help a neighbour with. 

If every single Streetbank member were to join in, over £14m worth of stuff – or over 4,000 tonnes – could be diverted from landfill.  But even if just ten of us take part, we can still make a massive impact.  Our giving gets others going and neighbourhood sharing starts to snowball.     

Up for it?  Email us and we’ll keep you company along the way. 

We might even send you a little something to say thank you. 


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le Avril 3 2017 عبدالسلام المحجوب a dit:

موقع ممتاز انصح الجميع بالتسجيل و ان يستفيدو ويفيدو الغير

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le Octobre 17 2015 Alta de Dios a dit:

I will start to collect and start giving. This is happiness.

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le Août 5 2015 Mansour Omer a dit:

It’s nice thanks

83066 thumb image

le Juillet 24 2015 Ahmad Safwat a dit:

Thanks all, it’s a great idea 👍🏼

104032 thumb 1977478 1444718405848444 2039739103336125001 n

le Juillet 17 2015 Aisha abo alasaad a dit:

Love it , Thank you all :)

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le Juin 22 2015 Jennifer Burton a dit:

Found this amazing app on the app store ( where I traded many of my old stuff with my neighbors. The best part is the app will intelligently and automatically find the best matches for my items. You have to try it.

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le Juin 11 2015 Catherine Shaw a dit:

On day 5 :) What lovely people I’m meeting through doing this!

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le Juin 11 2015 Larry O a dit:

I surely can find more than seven!

80796 thumb img 1935

le Juin 8 2015 Lisa Ramtzen a dit:

I’m in! :)

20 thumb sam profile

le Juin 8 2015 Sam Stephens a dit:

Just a quick one to say a big thank you to all of you who are getting involved! I think there are 30 of us around the world who are taking part! Little sparks of sharing that spread the fire of generosity in our neighbourhoods!

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le Juin 8 2015 Majella Furlong a dit:

I am participating in this Streetbank challenge.

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le Juin 7 2015 Julia James a dit:

have started my 7 day share!

42292 thumb 20150526 094952

le Juin 7 2015 Sarah Spurrier a dit:

I’ve emailed you. Hoping this challenge kick starts my local group x x

11727 thumb 130414 gh0929

le Juin 6 2015 Genevieve Hibbs a dit:

Do have Outlook but not on this computer … May I have the email address too? Would like to try to do the challenge.

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le Juin 6 2015 Zoe D a dit:

Have emailed but just to say it here and encourage others: I’m going to join in for part of it – can’t do all seven days due to prior arrangements. I put something on yesterday ahead of the game :D

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le Juin 6 2015 Elizabeth Hopkirk a dit:

Love it. I’m going to have a hunt round the house now…

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le Juin 5 2015 Richard Lane a dit:

bee — the email in the message is – the link fires up your default mail client, I guess you use webmail!

30841 thumb zoe's haircut %285%29small

le Mai 31 2015 Zoe Williams a dit:

I’ll be joining in! :-)

85155 thumb img 20141022 150914

le Mai 21 2015 bee Hilliard a dit:

Hi I can’t email you as I don’t have outlook, can you tell me the email address please x