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Streetbank and Streetclub join forces

Streetbank and Streetclub join forces to become the ‘go-to’ for neighbourhood sharing

We are pleased to announce that we have joined forces with fellow neighbourhood networking site, Streetclub, managed by DIY retailer B&Q, to make Streetbank the ‘go-to’ website for connecting with neighbours.

The UK’s leading DIY retailer B&Q launched Streetclub in 2012, just two years after London-based entrepreneur Sam Stephens started Streetbank.  

Like Streetbank, Streetclub aims to build community, by providing an online platform for neighbours to ‘talk, share and plan together’. 

As more people than ever before look for savvy alternatives to shopping and ways of pooling resources, sites like ours are becoming increasingly popular. People are looking to their local communities to share tools, baby gear, tutoring, gardening and DIY skills, and are saving significant amounts of money in the process. 

It’s estimated that over £200,000 has been saved by members in the past year and the value of everything listed on the site to date comes to a massive £1.5million pounds.  And whilst saving, members are benefiting from friendlier streets and helping divert tons of stuff from landfill. 

Sam Stephens, Streetbank Founder said:

“We’re honoured to be working with B&Q and helping Streetclub enter a new incarnation in its third year. We’re living in tough economic times and loads of us have things gathering dust at home, incredibly useful things but which we rarely need, like DIY tools or baby gear. The more people that connect with neighbours and share these things on Streetbank, the more useful the site becomes to everyone.

We’re delighted to collaborate and welcome Steetclub members to Streetbank with open arms.”

This is Streetbank’s third merger having already integrated with the Australian website The Sharehood (November 2013) and Mark Boyle’s justfortheloveofit site (January 2014) and Streetclub members are now able to join in just a few clicks. 

Welcome Streetclub members!

We’re so pleased to have you join us.  You will remain in your localised group, so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of private networking, whilst also enjoying part of a wider local community.  With Streetbank you can give and lend things with anyone in your Streetbank area, as well as posting notices about events and projects you’re part of locally.  You are joining over 60,000 members worldwide and we hope that you’ll find Streetbank really useful.

John Compton, former Streetclub Manager said: 

We’re very excited to bemerging Streetclub with Streetbank: together we are creating a social media platform that is simple and builds on our shared core philosophy of enabling community sharing and neighbourly networking in one easy to use site.  

Thank you John and everyone at Streetclub and a big, big welcome to our new members!


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on August 12 2015 Felix Lee said:

Wonderful news! PLeaSe consider initiatives that help seniors and special folks get about, and Uber that with wheelchairs. One day, like the Salvation Army, there would be pick up and return points with regular social activities to look forward to ;-p

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on June 12 2015 Lee Kew-Moss said:

It would probably be even more fruitfull if sites like freegle, freecycle etc also joined in.

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on June 9 2015 Suella Postles said:

Impressive that a commercial firm like B&Q would set up Streetclub as a sharing site and even more interesting that they were happy to merge with Streetbank. Win-win I would have thought.

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on March 31 2015 Zoe Williams said:

Congratulations on the merger – I think the more of us there are in one place the stronger the sharing network becomes. So a warm welcome to everyone who’s joining us from Streetclub. It’s great to have you with us!