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The Wisdom of Solomon

I’ve just been offering a fondue set to my neighbours on Streetbank.

I wasn’t sure it would be to everyone’s liking but I quickly had four requests  - and that leaves me with a dilemma. 

How do I decide who should have it….


The quickest – because they asked first?

The closest – because they are most truly my neighbour?

The friendliest – perhaps they have taken the trouble to put up a photo and have asked nicely…

The neediest – because they have said why they need it.


I’ve made my choice already but I’d be interested to know how you decide…


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le Mars 25 2015 Martina Randles a dit:

I would put it to fate and pick the names out of a hat, it is only a fondue set after all, the fairest way!

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le Février 17 2015 Libby Stewart a dit:

Zoe’s idea is real Streetbanker!

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le Février 10 2015 sherry fuller a dit:

I’d go along with Zoe. If they’re on here, they’re all likely into sharing anyway. Offer it to whomever, but invite them to share it with the other three. Akin to the ‘Mens Sheds’ idea for sharing tools, perhaps this is ‘Community kitchen’. :)

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le Février 2 2015 Sam Nic, Tess, Alice & Rachel a dit:

Thanks – I’m enjoying the creative solutions to this question! Zoe – your solution works especially well with books. I gave away H is for Hawk (which won every award last year) and it’s been doing the rounds in the neighbourhood. It’s nice to see it pinging back on to Streetbank as I know it’s being really well used!

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le Février 1 2015 Zoe Williams a dit:

Maybe keep it and lend it to them all in turn! Or mention that there were other people interested who might appreciate the opportunity to borrow it.

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le Janvier 31 2015 Tom Jarle Hammer a dit:

If one of them is a closer neigbour by far, then I would offer it to that person. Next, the ‘neediest’, but who truly needs a fondue set? The ‘friendliest’, you ought to reply friendly to all of them. But you can mention that you appreciated that persons’ character, to encourage friendliness. If you intended to give it away to the first person who asked, then you should perhaps gve it to the ‘quickest’ to stay true to yourself.

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le Janvier 29 2015 Tao Ciappara a dit:

neediest or friendliest