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I'm sharing my wife!

In July this year, Richard MacKenzie, a former activist, father of three-year-old Bob and lover of all things community, signed up to Streetbank, to find there were just seven people in his mile.

Viewing ‘Love, connection, frugalism and minimalism’ as the most important things in life, neighbourhood sharing is right up Richard’s street, so he decided to embark on a journey to grow his Streetbank community.  

He quickly gained the support of local councillors and even managed to galvanise Prime Minister David Cameron – MP for Witney – who has written an encouraging letter of support to us here at Streetbank HQ.  

Richard took to the local streets, libraries and churches armed with publicity and flyered his entire neighbourhood. 

He’s added all sorts to the site (not his wife, much to her relief), but he is willing to share his sense of humour, a sander, a strimmer and help with gardening - with the 100 or so neighbours that are now signed up.

With the help of Streetbank, Richard is building a sustainable community in Witney.  And it's not just an online one - people are meeting to do things at the weekend – like bike rides, gardening and community picnics.  

Every day people across Oxfordshire and the UK are saving money whilst building community and reducing waste.  What's in your square mile?

Start spreading the Streetbank word. and why not get the ball rolling this Christmas with a “Streetbank Santa” – the green, zero shopping, zero waste alternative to Secret Santa?


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le Juillet 25 2014 djedi imed a dit:

THAT great

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le Décembre 16 2013 Tess a dit:

Peps - sounds like a great idea to me! If you want to send us a photo like Richard's to that effect, we'd love to see it. I'm on if so :)

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le Décembre 14 2013 mike hoyle a dit:

I am a photographic artist and am interested in producing graphic aids to the English language, which can be understood by people of all ages and to whom English is not their first language.

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le Décembre 12 2013 Peps Petheram a dit:

Can one share a ‘passion’ – like one for doing something effective about climate change?