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Risk Aversion

In the last few years society has come over all risk averse. It’s a bit nuts because all the signs are that we are physically safer than ever before. But physical risk aversion is one thing. Social risk aversion is another and it is arguably worse. We are almost at the point where we won’t say “hello” in the street in case they are a psychopath.

I’d like to see people taking more social risks and actually knowing where risks lie. Yes, there are some people that you do need to be careful of, that you wouldn’t ask into your home, but 99% of the population are completely trustworthy. We’re in a society that doesn’t know where those risks are so we take no risks at all. So what do we do? It would help if we got to know each other! It’s by taking slightly more risks. Perhaps, not inviting someone into your home the first time but meeting on the doorstep should be fine.


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en July 22 2011 Yemi dijo:

Any update or assurances regarding this comment left since September 2010? How safe is this website?

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en September 16 2010 melo dijo:

I was in the process of adding something to give away just a few minutes ago’, when a warning about some malware appeared on my screen warning me that is not safe to use streetbank, can you please email me some reassurance about it, as I am not to versed in computing, and I love the concept of this site , I would not want to live it but I will if I am hacked into!

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en September 14 2010 PELLA dijo:

Sadly the world we live in has become a much nastier place & much as we like to think we can trust our neighbours &, we would be more inclinded to take risks with people we know
(& much as this website is intended to by used by NICE HONEST KIND FRIENDLY PEOPLE who you can TRUST ! )
before you let anyone in your home please be aware & ask questions of the people that you are about to let in & if there is any doubt then don’t let them in your home or have a friend with you there at home if you feel unsure . Better safe than sorry