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Holiday Helping Hand

Newsletter 28th June 2012: Holiday season is nearing and whether you’re airing your tent for a family camping trip, stacking up books for the beach or practising your dance moves for a festival or two, chances are you still need to organise a few vital things.

Streetbank could help your holiday in all sorts of ways. In the last 24 hours alone, members have offered travel cots, car shares, language lessons, pet sitting and camping gear. 

As well as reducing your consumption, Streetbank can help you save precious pennies, as last week’s Guardian points out. We’re delighted that Streetbank’s being recognised as a way to save money while connecting with your neighbourhood. Ultimately that’s what it’s all about.

Sam and the Streetbank Team,

P.S. It’s the final few days of our free-to-enter photo competition. All information here and make sure you get your photos in by Sunday evening!


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on July 3 2012 Tess said:

It looks like I’ve managed to source two bikes on Streetbank from a neighbour – very exciting – now can take friends on our planned summer bike rides. Holidays definitely shaping up as a result and am hoping to make at least one of the bikes available for constant lending on SB if it all works out!