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Big Lunch Bounty

Along with a wonderful group of neighbours, you’re organising a Big Lunch. The invites are done, the food is in hand, Judy from next door is running a raffle and Brian from number 44 has agreed to be the children’s entertainer.

But wait, you’re lying wide awake in bed at 3am and there’s something nagging at the back of your mind… tables! No one’s mentioned tables at any of the coordinating meetings. A Big Lunch won’t be much of a lunch if there’s nowhere to put the, er, lunch!

“Don’t worry, I’ve got it all under control”, reads Sheila’s email the next morning in response to the panic text you sent in the night.

“I heard about Streetbank last week and I’ve been checking it out. It’s just what we need – a website that enables neighbours to lend, give away or offer items and skills to anyone signed-up locally. It’s like a giant garden shed, tool-kit, fancy-dress chest, DVD library and skills bank all rolled into one!

“So far, I found us eight trestle-tables, 29 chairs, a veritable mountain of board games, a body-builder offering her services for any heavy lifting and Dennis – the octogenarian baker at number 62 –who’d like to run a cake workshop the week before the party to get everyone’s baking skills up to scratch. I’m in…

“Plus I’ve posted a message on the community noticeboard to let neighbours know the party’s happening. I’m rather getting into this whole sharing-neighbourhood thing. Any chance we could do it more often?!”

Sharing in your neighbourhood – that’s what Streetbank and The Big Lunch are all about. Your turn to pass it on!

Tess Riley


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on June 7 2012 Sara Nathan said:

Ours was a hoot!
But wholly knackering.
Hundreds of people – all very local turned up – we had deliberatly tried to make it for just people in the road though inevitably a few more turned up.
Twenty-two victoria sponge makers competed for the amazing prize (lunch for two at a two michelin starred restaurant – the head chef lives in our road and ran the BBQ) We had tug of war, egg and spoon and three legged races at which the very respectable headmistress of a local school disgraced herself.
The band let us down but we turned that to the good and had patriotic songs led by Elena who is about to open in Carousel. Face painiting a success, ditto bouncy castle and pingpong etc. Food AMAZING and it pretty much all went.
Party -goers ran the gamut from 6 weeks to about 85; many races, incomes, history. Longest resident we think moved in 1957.
Definitely up for the big lunch next year. Bunting now all put away but ready!


on June 6 2012 Greg Hewitt said:

The weather held out for our party in Southampton and we had a brilliant time! Thanks Tess for the fliers, however I don’t think many people picked one up, which was unfortunate. I will be putting them out on any Transition Southampton stalls we have, and also trying to promote it in my residents association.

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on May 29 2012 Tess said:

Hi everyone
Great to hear about everyone’s upcoming street parties – feel free to post info about them on your Streetbank community noticeboards if you want to invite more of your neighbours locally (blog goes to everyone but noticeboard only goes to those in your area, including being sent to their inboxes if they’ve requested that option).

We sent out over 100 Streetbank Jubilee packs yesterday and were delighted to read about so many Streetbank members’ party plans in the process. Have a super weekend and tell us all about it next week!

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on May 24 2012 Tony Mitchell said:

We’ll be having our one on the 3rd June – in Bromley – It brings the residents their familys and friends together – check us out we’ve even got our own website :)

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on May 23 2012 Darren Nugent said:

The Bolster Moor Community Group & Simon Green from Westwood Farm near Huddersfield are holding a Family Picnic Fun Day there will be lots to do for all the family – Bouncy castle, goalie shoot, tug of war and lots of stalls – you can bring your own picnic – entry during the day is free. The entertainment continues into the evening with a party in the barn with live music and food, meat & tatty pie or vegetarian lasagne (tickets for the night must be purchased in advance – £5 for adults with children under 12 free) bring your own drinks and to finish the night we will be lighting a Jubilee Beacon at 10.00pm

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on May 23 2012 Big drum said:

Hell all just found this site tonight ..well early hours wednsday lol ….I am planing a st party frist time doing this any way I just got some funding and I have not long until the BIG DAY can you give me any info how you all stared to plan your ST PARTYS PLEASE ……HELP NEEDED URGENT !!!!

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on May 21 2012 Sara Nathan said:

You could ask Chris Gittings at StreetsAlive who seem to know a lot about street parties. I think the big lunch only tell you where things were last year – which isn’t much help.
Otherwise, people who wnat you to know about their events will advertise locally, on a local website, shop windows or in the pub probably. Those that want their street parties to be for people in their street – which you would surely feel badly about crashing – won’t.
Why dont you do one in your own street…two weeks to go still!

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on May 19 2012 Heather said:

I’d like to find out if there are any in my area. Have been on the website, but doesn’t appear to have a search function. Any advice??

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on May 16 2012 Sara Nathan said:

I know of several in Acton – they tend to be one of two sorts: a big community happening – more like a fete really – at which all comers are welcome or the smaller street or close party which is specifically sttreet residents come to get to know each other and cement their community.

Acton has two of the former on the Sunday and ours is one of the latter and on the Monday. there are many others – 80 involving road closure in Ealing all


on May 16 2012 Greg Hewitt said:

Looking forward to ours in Southampton! =)

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on May 15 2012 Tess said:

Hi Ann

There are hundreds happening worldwide, many on Sunday 3rd June but others also taking place on the Monday and Tuesday Bank Holidays. Check out here for more info:


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on May 15 2012 ann jackson said:

When and where is it??