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The Time for Transition is Now

What do Streetbank, Move Your Money UK and the Big Lunch all have in common?

If nothing else, they are all taking part in the Festival of Transition on 20th June, coordinated by the new economics foundation (nef).

The future's hard to predict but, one way or another, our economy and society will change dramatically as we adapt to the end of cheap fossil fuels, address the threat of runaway climate change and fix our broken financial system.

All too often, the language used in connection with these challenges is that of sacrifice and impossibility; ‘we can’t afford to’ and ‘we don’t want to go back to the dark ages’. But what if overcoming big challenges actually meant better lives for us all?

This is the invitation of the Festival of Transition: to explore how, by embracing change, we can make something great of it. On Wednesday 20th June therefore, everyone is invited to taste transition for themselves by doing something different for the day. It could be 24 hours of sharing in the community, 24 hours of local food, or 24 hours of swapping roles.

Check out the full menu on the Festival website, customise one to work for you (or your school, or your workplace) and pledge to make it happen.

Streetbank is an excellent example of a growing movement seeking out the positive side of transition. How will you play your part?

Stephen Reid


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on June 14 2012 Bex said:

I went on a walk last Saturday as part of this festival, it was great. It was all about the social history around the E1 area!

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on June 1 2012 Terry Patterson said:

Free Shop, Visioning and Nettle Pesto at the Market
Saturday 16th June – 11am-3pm
Transition Tufnell Park will be holding a free shop at the local farmers market.
Please donate items to help create this free shop
Drop off for donations will be at the market on Saturday 16th between 9am and midday.
There will also be some homemade nettle pesto to taste, and visioning.
Come and learn new skills, share ideas, and shop until you drop – all for free!

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on June 1 2012 Terry Patterson said:

And Transition Tufnell Park are helping us all be a part of it with two events coming up to celebrate


on May 10 2012 Greg Hewitt said:

This is fantastic to hear that Streetbank are part of this. I am part of Transition Southampton and we will be planning an event for this – it is looking to be a fantastic 24 hours that will help people understand the challenges we face in our future.