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All change please!


If you are feeling disoriented please accept our apologies! Streetbank has a new homepage! So what have we changed? In short a lot. We’ve created a mini profile so you can add items and a photo more easily, we’ve made it easier to see what your neighbours have been adding and beefed up the neighbourhood notices. 


Do you like the changes? Or will this prove to be as controversial as the new look facebook (admittedly on a slightly smaller scale)....? 




Sam and the Streetbank Team 

Created 21st July 2011


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on March 13 2012 stephenc said:

I’ve just joined and it is almost impossible to type a description, one letter at a time!! I’m using IE9 on Win7. Also there is nothing to say what happens before you click something, if I click on someone’s item what will happen? Very unhelpful unintuitive website, not sure I will try again.

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on March 7 2012 Jackie Thomson said:

Having trouble typing in item description. Have to keep tapping cursor after each letter in order to type another letter! A bit frustrating! Apart from that it looks good to me so far!

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on February 17 2012 Frances said:

Streetbank is a fantastic innovation. I’m sure the site will evolve and grow over time as more people join and send in suggestions and ideas to the Streetbank team. It’s brilliant for small and large towns because it helps to promote a spirit of giving, friendliness and trust amongst near neighbours…

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on January 23 2012 Maria said:

This is really great. Many thanks to Tom who popped a Streetbank postcard through the door.

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on December 13 2011 john timbrell said:

In a rural area like the Forest of Dean an increased area of 15 miles would be more efficient. I understand the philosophy behind Streetbank includes the principle of saving carbon emissions, but in rural areas people have to travel to shop/visit the doctor/schools etc and collecting items advertised in Streetbank would normally be done whilst doing necessary journeys.Where an item is of low value, say a bayonet light bulb, a Forester would travel a mile to collect it but would not go 15. This is why I am trying to persuade new joiners to give the location where they live . {not their address}

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on December 8 2011 Sam Nic, Tess, Alice & Rachel said:

Thanks Cathy and Kabir, we’re pleased you like it!

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on November 21 2011 Kabir ibrahim said:

Wow realy like street bank more than facebook.

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on November 9 2011 cathy crawford said:

The new website is much nicer!