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Top 5 Community Tips


1. Smile and do kind things for strangers.

Whether you open doors for people, or offer your seat to someone, research shows that you’re likely to get an even bigger kick out of it than the person who’s now in your seat. Remarkable. What’s more, random acts of kindness are contagious which means they should make your community a nicer place to live in.

2. Say thank you.

Apparently being grateful is very good for us. Tests showed that people who tried saying thank you for 3 things, each night for just one week were happier and less depressed one month, three months and six months later. It’s good for community too; saying thank you to the local corner shop tender will create a sense of well being between you and giving a ‘thank you’ smile to the driver waiting at the Zebra Crossing may even reduce road-rage in your area.

3. Get to know your local area.

How much do you know about your area? Where are your nearest parks? Which are your favourite? Where’s the best place to get a coffee? What sports clubs are there...? To know your local area you’ve got to start with some questions. To get the answers you’ve got to a) keep your eyes and ears open, and b) interact with local people. Before you know it you’ll be appreciating bits of your neighbourhood that you never knew existed and have got to know some nice neighbours along the way.

4. Share Streetbank with your neighbours.

Sharing things and skills through Streetbank gives a great excuse to start talking to people we live near. On top of that it creates an opportunity for us to give. Studies have shown that when we give to others it activates the areas of the brain associated with pleasure, social connection and trust; altruistic acts release endorphins in the brain and boost happiness for us as well as for the people we help. Streetbank works best when there are lots of Streeties in the same area... if you’d like to become a Streetbank Ambassador and receive more information in how to grow a fully fledged Streetbank community in your area email

5. Join in with ‘The Big Lunch’.

Will and Kate may not be getting married again but on the 5th of June thousands of people across the UK are getting together and having lunch with their neighbours, just for fun. If you’ve been following steps 1,2,3 & 4 you may now have more friends locally, know all the best places in your area and be in a strong position to host a ‘Big Lunch’. If not, don’t worry, just go to to find out where your nearest big lunch is already happening and get involved.


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on July 17 2014 James Robertson said:

One thing I always do, and my wife also If we are in a supermarket queue with a full basket of goods, and someone behind has just a couple of items, we let them go in front of us.

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on December 16 2011 Annegallien said:

“…once a day, do something, anything, nice for a total stranger, even if it’s nothing more than telling a little old lady her hat is pretty.” love that

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on December 1 2011 Sara Nathan said:

How about a virtual connection if meeting is so hard. Could you set up a hyper local website so people can connect even if they don’t meet.

We are really lucky in having several round here and it means people know each others names when they do meet just through posting on the local forum.

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on November 25 2011 john timbrell said:

Can I comment on Maggie’s comments please. You have made the first step in improving your community by realising something is wrong.The other comments attached to this suggests ways to improve your situation. Some of which are obvious, but I hadn’t thought of them before. Don’t be sad and don’t be upset if someone rebuffs you; that’s their problem, not yours. Take care.

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on November 20 2011 Robert Tice said:

My Great-great grandfather told me the way to get a happy life “…once a day, do something, anything, nice for a total stranger, even if it’s nothing more than telling a little old lady her hat is pretty.” Take my word for it, it works. It works REALLY well. If you don’t go out on a day, then call a friend and say something nice to them, if only that you’re thinking of them. 2 minutes to happiness, believe me.

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on July 15 2011 Moira Biggins said:

A great way to connect with a stranger who is in their front garden – or even just has potted plants in front of the house – is to stop and say, "I was just admiring your "…insert name of plant, or describe it and ask what it’s called. I’ve never known this method fail!

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on July 15 2011 Maggie said:

In my community, which consists of a large estate and blocks of flats, we have little connection with each other. There are no shops or meeting places; the nearest shop is twenty minutes walk uphill, the nearest bus stop is by the co-op which is half an hour in the other direction and across either fields or along a pathless road. We have no pub, nor a meeting place and our local area (housing association) is 37miles away (according to routeplanners). We do have our own postbox….. its so sad, its everything a community shouldn’t be. Just for the record we are in a market town and not out in the middle of nowhere.

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on July 8 2011 carrie sant said:

Every act, every word, every attitude can affect our world for the better or for the worse. We can spread love and trust or hate and suspicion it is our choice. The world can only become a better place if we take our part in seeking to change it , if we are brave enough to take some risks.

Global warming is the answer
But it’s not the king we fear
It the kind you feel in Spring time
When the summer’s almost here

It is hearts that touched by love
Start melting no more cold
And turn towards each other
Embrace and take a hold

It’s a shared determination
To strive for common good
Stop focusing on selfish needs
And live the way we could

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on June 27 2011 Jenny said:

We’re lucky in Corfe Mullen to have a community coffee shop which has recently opened up on the Wareham Road – it’s open 6 days a week from 8am – 6pm (not Sundays) and anyone can volunteer to help out. Give it a go or just come along for a ‘real’ coffee and some yummy cake or pannini – it’s better than the brand name coffee shops as the coffee’s just as good but at a very reasonable price, in a very friendly environment. There are various community projects running from the shop as well, including kids clubs/story times and craft demos etc.

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on May 30 2011 Lindsay said:

I’ve always said ‘thank you’ and smile at people. Sadly lots don’t return the compliment! The neighbours are hard going too, but hoping Streetbank will help!


on May 25 2011 stacey said:

such good ideas, if everyone was to follow these tips community spirit would be given a chance to grow