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Roll out the Bunting

The weather forecast here in London is sunshine for the next ten days – promising a glorious Easter and hopefully a magical Royal Wedding. These two events will be bringing communities together across the UK. We think neighbours will be more open, less puzzled by a cheery smile, more disarmed by a comment about the unseasonally warm weather or an exclamation of “Happy Easter!” So if you are passing a neighbour in the street why not take the opportunity to say “hello” or if you haven’t met them before introduce yourself – we think this is the season when you’ll get the warmest response. Have you got to know anyone living in your street and if so, how did it happen? 

Posted on April 20th


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le Mai 13 2011 Brycchan Carey a dit:

The royal wedding was weeks ago… Update the website!

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le Mai 11 2011 Clare Gittins a dit:

Not so much a street party, but there are lots of yard sales happening across West London this Saturday. Check them out at

One thing you can definitely say about yard sales is that they are a fantastic way to meet your neighbours. You might even bag a bargain or a nice piece of cake while you’re at it!

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le Avril 24 2011 KELVIN BAINES a dit:


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le Avril 21 2011 Sara Nathan a dit:

Bit far
Anything nearer Acton W3?


le Avril 20 2011 alison pirouet a dit:

Chesham Royal Wedding Do (CROWD) – April 29th at the Moor, Chesham, fun and activities, including open air swimming pool, bring a picnic.

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le Avril 20 2011 Sara Nathan a dit:

Maybe you should have a street party section!

I’m not sure there are any in Acton but maybe I am ill-informed – or surrounded by republicans.

Anyone know?