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We're doing some complicated things behind the scenes which will make Streetbank faster and ensure that very few messages forwarded to your email get junked. (If you have sent a message recently and received no response please don't give up on humanity it is more likely to be that the message was junked - or possibly junked on the way back to you by your email system). The new system is up and running in part so this should now not happen but there are a few bugs that we are ironing out. Funny bits of code appearing in strange places if you dig a bit. Also the Wednesday newsletter is not yet working.  It didn't come out last Wednesday and it won't come out this Wednesday. Apologies. In the meantime, thanks for your patience.

Sam - Tuesday 8th March



New missing

on May 13 2011 Gemma said:

The best thing come to those who wait, Rome wasn’t built in a day etc etc :)
Your doing a great job!!!! What a Brilliant idea!!!! you’ll get there :D xxxxxxxxxx