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A Good Gift

We have been reflecting on what makes for the best present on Christmas day. Is it usually the most expensive one? Is it the one that precisely matches what we asked for? We agreed that usually the present that means the most to us is the one that has been given most thought, where a need or want has been spotted, where a sacrifice of time has been made and where creativity has been used. To that end, it might just be worth looking on Streetbank at what your neighbours are giving away. There just might be something that a limited budget couldn't normally afford but that would give someone you love much pleasure. A good gift is not so much in the cost but more in the creativity and the care.

What do you think makes the best gift? What gifts have meant the most to you? (Posted by Sam on 16th December)


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on April 11 2011 KELVIN BAINES said:

I bought a share in support of Ben and Charlottes aim to save their father’s farm from sale to a developer.8000 plus shareholders contributed to this amazing story.See where it is today and how the farm was saved and how it is moving forward with help from all areas of society…You to can be part of this project by helping and supporting in so many fun and rewarding ways…Check out the website and blogat
Thanks for looking…..enjoy and have fun whatever you may be doing or involved in…..Kelvin

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on March 23 2011 Betty Friend said:

I too give good gifts,goats,maize seed,fertilizer,chickens,vaccinations,m osquito nets,and last,but by no means last-a loo!But why wait till Christmas-children who need mosquito nets may not be alive by Christmas

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on December 21 2010 Sara Nathan said:

We have an adult no present pact in our extended family and I therefore give literally “good gifts” from the chairty website – trying to match the recipient to the gift is fun: my brother always has something to do with sheep – long standing family tease…Doctor uncle is gettting a bicycle for an african midwife…sister in law gets part of a coca plantation as she likes chocolate. Means not so muych useless stuff for adults at least.

My favourite present in recent years was a pair of my own grown-up white skating boots which I love to bits and are purely mine. Haven’t used them this year yet though.