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How you like them apples?

It’s the middle of apple season in Britain right now. If you’ve got a tree, chances are you’ve got more than you can eat – or maybe a neighbour or a friend has a tree that’s just loaded with fruit that’s going to go uneaten. Get those apples on Streetbank! Someone somewhere nearby doesn’t have an apple tree, and wishes they did.

If you’ve walked past someone else’s garden and happened to notice an apple tree, perhaps now would be a good time to knock on the door and introduce yourself.

Other things to do with lots of apples – you could juice them, stew them, bake them into an apple cake or a pie, or even make an apple and parsnip soup. Any other ideas?

(This blog was contributed by Jeremy Williams of – well worth checking out his website which offers a fascinating critique of economics and society – Sam from Streetbank).


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on November 7 2010 Sarah Jane Johnson said:

I live in Fulham and have a fig tree. No idea what to with the fruit. Any ideas?

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on October 27 2010 Nicole said:

I’m happy to help anyone in the Finchley/Woodside Park area (N3/N12) pick their apples and figure out what to do with them. For example, I could teach you how to make some killer apple dumplings in return for some of the apples. :)

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on October 17 2010 Lindsay said:

I was lucky enough to be given apples by two of my friends in North London and pick some from a lone tree in a disused orchard which we are hoping to turn in to a local nature reserve (keeping the tree of course). They were all delicious.

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on October 17 2010 Katie said:

Hi- if you’re in the Birmingham area and you have more fruit than you need or if you’re interested in getting some free fruit (or know an organisation/ people who are) then get in touch with your local Abundance group. We’re a group of volunteers who collect unwanted fruit and redistribute it to people who can use it.
(Other cities have their own Abundance groups too)
Katie x

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on October 16 2010 Martin O'Malley said:

I see gardens full of rotting fruit on the ground, it’s a disgrace. I would rather be picking fruit rather than my nose, helping hand available.


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on October 13 2010 Clare Hey said:

I have a very young apple tree (which won’t fruit for years) but would be happy to help someone prune/pick their apple tree in return for advice on the best way to do mine. And for a few apples, too! I’m in Fulham so do get in touch if you need my help.

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on October 13 2010 Alec Leggat said:

The East Dulwich Orchard Collective is beginning to grow. To quote the foiunder, Damon Green, “it will be to promote the care of the fruit trees in our gardens, and to encourage people to see their trees, and their efforts, as part of a greater whole. Trees pollinate each other in the spring, they infect one another when they are sick, they support a community of birds and insects, dependants and parasites. When a tree dies or is cut down, all the others are affected. Likewise, it’s easier for two people to prune a tree than to do it on your own; five people can pick plums faster than one; and you can’t drink a barrel of perry on your own. So if we do it together it will be fun.”