About Us

Hello. We are Sam, Nic, Tess, Kate and Alex. A while back we got interested in the idea of lending. Sam had had a good experience with his next-door neighbours. They had been lending stuff to him – small stuff mainly (like a cup of sugar), but it got bigger (like a ladder) and in time he found he was actually hanging out with them just for fun.

As Sam chatted to friends he started to think it could be more than just lending, like people giving things away and helping each other too. He realised it could also be a way of everyone getting to know their neighbours (in a moderately uncheesy way).

Then, along came Nic, who has a special knack at building clever websites, and Streetbank was born.

This was good – and as Streetbank grew,  Sam and Nic realised they were on to something.  They wanted to share Streetbank more widely so they searched the land far and wide until they found Tess, whose love of words and general campaigning creativity made her just the girl for the job.  

Next came Kate, our Director of Marketing and Communications who knows all about getting big community initiatives off the ground, having been a founding member of the successful Big Lunch project, bringing  neighbours together for lunch once a year.

Most recently we’ve been joined by Alex, a web whizz and competition level salsa dancer from Hungary.

So we've all been working together and it has been fun.

This is not The End.

What’s your Streetbank story? How could you spread the Streetbank word